Our Holidayland

Here you can enjoy holidays with your children or the weekend, regardless of whether you prefer physical activity or just relaxing in the sunshine.

The landscape between the lakes is like an invitation to hike, swim or tour with a bicycle (rentals available!). In the winter, you can come here for skating, sledding and cross-country skiing.

Our park-like grounds and gardens are an ideal place for play and relaxation for you and your children, for getting to know the plants and animals, as a base for adventure and as a place for restless, harried souls from the metropolis to find peace.

Experience the enchantment of a place where the only noise is Nature and children.

Map of the buildings

1: Hall with catered meals and bar 15: Children's play barn
Bungalows: 8 - 10 11 ; 12 - 14
2: Dormitory 3: Vacation apartment 3: Seminar room
7: Workshop 5, 6: Leisure residences 4: Appartement
Grounds, gardens, play areas:

We have a great variety of opportunities for play and sports for children and their parents, including a barn for children to play or for particular sports, a "playstack" haystack (as soon as the straw harvest in Brandenburg is ready this year this year), playground equipment and much more for healthy exercise and fun.

A special aspect of our large grounds are the many mature deciduous and evergreen trees, which gives them a park-like character and fits beautifully with the surrounding woods and meadows. Moreover, each bungalow has its own small terrace garden, most with conifers.

Below the main building there are patios with tables and umbrellas; below the area with buildings there is a sports field, playground, campfire pit and a ping pong (table tennis) table.

Above the bungalows is an area with a grill for barbecue.

Hall/Bar Bungalow 11 Bungalows 12 - 14 Bungalows 8 - 10 Dormitory Vacation apartment Seminar room Children's play barn Blick: Feuerstelle Blick: Bungalows 11 - 13 Blick: Bungalow 8 Richtung Villa Blick: Richtung Villa von unten Blick: Bettenhaus Blick: Richtung Villa von der Seite Blick: Richtung Villa von vorn Blick: Birkenallee Blick: Grundstücks-Grenze Nord Blick: Grundstücks-Grenze Süd