How to get here

By train to the Rheinsberg train station (from Berlin-Lichtenberg approximately 1 hours).
The distance from Rheinsberg to Luhme via Zechlinerhütte is about 12 kilometers. We can pick you up by arrangement or you can enjoy a pleasant bicycle ride if the weather is good.
During the Sommermonths the Rheinsberger Seabus is going direct to Luhme/Heimland. The timetable see below.

By car, take the A24 Berlin-Hamburg (about 1 to 2 hours from Berlin). Take the Neuruppin exit, drive in the direction of Rheinsberg and continue to Flecken Zechlin; as you enter the village, go toward the right through Flecken in the direction of Luhme. As you enter Luhme, turn right (there is a sign) in the direction of Heimland, in Heimland follow the signs and turn left into Heegeseeweg.
From Hamburg take the A24 Hamburg-Berlin, Exit at Wittstock, drive in the direction of Rheinsberg, then toward Flecken Zechlin, afterward as described above.


Rail and bus travel schedule (from May 1st to October 31st 2008):

In revision

Rail and bus travel schedule from Berlin to Heimland:

Monday to Friday  Saturday and Sunday
B-Lichtenberg   14:37  7:51   14:37
B-Gesundbrunnen 9:4911:49   8:099:4911:49 (Su)13:13 (Sa) 
Löwenberg 10:2212:2215:41  10:2212:22 (Su) 15:41
Rheinsberg 11:1013:1016:50  9:3011:1013:10 (Su)14:40 (Sa)16:40
Flecken Zechlin 11:4013:3817:20  9:5011:3013:30 (Su)15:00 (Sa)17:00
Heimland [an] 12:0513:5817:40  10:1511:5513:55 (Su)15:25 (Sa)17:23
Download of the complete Rail and bus travel schedule from Berlin to Heimland as PDF-file

Rail and bus travel schedule from B-Spandau or Henningsdorf to Heimland on Schooldays:

B-Spandau 9:1211:1212:1213:1214:12
Henningsdorf 9:5111:5112:5113:5114:51
Neuruppin/Rheinsberger Tor 10:3113:0214:0215:0215:57
Flecken Zechlin 11:5013:5014:3515:3516:60
Heimland [an] 12:1014:2014:5515:5516:50